What We Do

The Morita School of Japanese Psychology helps clinicians perform better and do more. We provide educational and clinical tools based on evidence-based approaches. The website helps clinicians stay up to date with the latest information. It makes intervention planning more effective and efficient. The site also provides tools which can be assigned to clients between sessions to increase the efficiency and power of what you do.  

Our work is based on principles that are shared in common by historical forms of Japanese Psychology (Morita Therapy and Naikan) and contemporary evidence-based “third-wave” cognitive-behavioral approaches.

Our mission is to help people transcend the normal psychological processes that promote human suffering and undermine efforts to live full and meaningful lives.

How We Do It

Professionals have significant demands on their time. It is difficult to remain up to date on emerging evidence-based approaches, much less have time to develop creative interventions on an ongoing basis.

The Morita School is a support team for clinicians. We create, collect, and organize online tools for continued education and clinical intervention. The site is run by clinicians. The tools you will find on this site have been used in "real-life" situations. These are the tools that our clients tell us make a difference.

We work in a variety of settings with clients across the lifespan, giving us a unique ability to see what works. 

Why We Do It

The approaches featured by the Morita School have had a profound impact on our personal quality of life, our relationships, and our careers. These concepts have been inspirational for many of the clients we have worked with. We believe these ideas hold much needed solutions to many life problems. We believe one of the most meaningful things we can do is to help share them with the world.